Information we cannot process

As an independent charity, there are some instances where we are not the organisation to contact. In some circumstances we are unable to process information being given. Here we have outlined who you should contact according to what you would like to report.

Do you need to contact the police in an emergency?

We are an independent charity, we are not part of the police. If you wish to contact the police in an emergency please dial 15 or 1122.

Do you need to contact the police but don’t need an emergency response?

If it is not an emergency and you would like to speak to a police officer, please call 1122 from anywhere in the Pakistan to get through to the force in your area.

Have you been a victim of crime?

We are unable to take information from victims of crime because we operate an anonymous service. If you are a victim of crime please contact the police immediately.

Do you have information regarding benefit fraud?

Please call the FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY, run by the Department for Work and Pensions on 0800 854 440.

Are you receiving scam emails or phone calls?

If you are receiving emails or phone calls which you believe to be a scam, report this to Action Fraud or call nr3c.

Do you have information about an untaxed vehicle?

Only the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency with issues regarding untaxed vehicles contact Excise and Taxation Department Pakistan.

Do you have information about driving offences?

Information about driving offences includes: speeding, driving whilst on the phone, not wearing a seat belt and careless/dangerous driving. The police need sworn witness testimony to pursue these offences so reports must be made directly to them.

Do you have information about a dumped vehicle?

Please contact your local Police authority.

Do you have information about anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

The police need to receive this ASB information in real-time to be able to take action so we recommend that you contact the police.

Do you have information about fly-tipping?

If this is a one-off, you need to local Police authority. However, if there is an element of organisation to the tipping, you can report it to us anonymously.

FAQs about information we can process

Q: Can I pass on information about missing people to Crimestoppers?
We take information about crimes and criminal activity, therefore we can only assist police if there is criminal involvement with the disappearance. This means we can only take information when there is a police appeal. For all other missing people appeals – where this is not a police appeal local Police authority.

Q: Can I pass on information about prostitution and solicitation to Crimestoppers?
We absolutely take all information on this.

Crimestoppers is not an emergency service, so it is important to contact the police immediately using 15 and 1122 if there is an emergency occurring.