For over last few years we have helped people who want to stop crime that hurts them, their family, and their community. Our anonymous service gives them the opportunity to speak out when their personal circumstances could silence them.

We believe that individuals and communities have a right to be safe from crime and the fear of crime. Each of us have a responsibility to create a country where there are fewer victims of crime.

As a charity, we have a unique role that is independent from authorities. Our promise of anonymity really makes a difference to:

  • those who contact us with nowhere else to turn,
  • the victims of crime who see justice being done, and
  • communities being safer places.

Now is the time to build on our achievements, to challenge ourselves and our supporters. We can do more to not just stop criminals – but stop people becoming victims as well.

Our Mission

Through our promise of anonymity, vulnerable individuals and communities can stand up against crime without fear of intimidation or possible retaliation. We aim to:

  • detect, reduce and prevent crime through the provision of information, and
  • give people the information and tools to act against crime.

Our Values

Our values guide the way we work to help the individuals and communities that can be silenced by crime.

These core characteristics explain who we are and how we should be seen by others, from the people who share crime information with us, to our partners and supporters, and with our staff and volunteers.


Above all else, everybody must trust us. They must have full confidence that we will protect their anonymity, manage the information they send us properly and be available to receive their information at all times.


We do not judge our callers. We are apolitical; we do not comment on government policy affecting the police or anybody in the criminal justice sector.


We are known for getting results that make a real difference in the fight against crime, particularly serious crimes that harm people.


We are realistic, but not sensationalists. We ‘tell it like it is’ and our honesty is well-respected. We are not afraid to deal with the real life issues facing the hundreds of people who contact us every day.

Strategic Ambitions 2015-20

We are operating in a changing environment:

The nature of crime is changing – visible crimes like burglary are falling but we see more violent and sexual crimes recorded. Fraud and online crimes are increasing but often less reported.

Austerity is not over – with more deep cuts in the public sector expected.

There are more vulnerable people who need our help – the old, the young, those with disabilities or from particular racial or social groups.

Key areas of our strategy